Overview of classroom resources

Word of Life offers a variety of resources that teachers can choose from to present the lesson material in the classroom. Not every resource has to be used in each chapter and many of them can be used either in the classroom or assigned as homework through the portals.


Lesson Enhancement Videos:

For many of the chapters in WOL, there is a lesson enhancement video that highlights key aspects of the lesson. They can be used in class or assigned as homework.

Teacher Doodles:

These provide graphic depictions to help teachers explain different elements of the faith in ways that students can easily understand.

Lectio divina Videos and Audios:

    • Grades K to 3 have lectio divina videos for every chapter. They provide an alternative way to facilitate the “Preparing” section of each lesson. They can be used in class or assigned as homework.
    • Grades 4 to 5 have lectio divina audios to help students to pray with Scripture.

Sacred Art Videos:

Sacred Art is often inspired by God. It is an effective means for preparing the students and opening their hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Each chapter provides prayerful reflections for the sacred art image in the Student Text. Sacred art reflections invite students to enter visually into the mysteries of Christ and ponder these mysteries in a prayerful exercise.

You can use either the Sacred Art videos for K to grade 3 in class or they can be assigned for homework if there is not enough time to discuss them in class. For grades 4-5, Sacred Art Interactions are provided on the portals. 


Grades K to 3 have a variety of different songs that can be used in class as part of the Preparation or Celebration step of the Ecclesial Method. The chapter resources offer suggestions for songs that would most closely link to the lesson and all of the songs can be accessed under the Music Tab in the Resources by Type section.


Prayers to Know Videos:

Word of Life offers 30+ prayers to know videos to help Catholic families learn the key prayers of our faith. They can be used in the classroom or assigned as homework for the children to pray with their families.


Each chapter has digital flashcards that students can use to master the words to know. They can be used in the classroom as part of a lesson or unit review session to prepare students for upcoming assessments. These can also be found in the Student-Parent Portal for at home study.

Journal Pages:

Printable Journal Page PDFs are provided on the Teacher and Student-Parent portal. In each chapter, students are asked to reflect on and articulate their faith in a personal way on their journal page. If done in class, these journal pages work best as a reflection activity. They also can be assigned as homework.