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Reporting - what is considered "Complete"

When tracking student progress through Word of Life, it is important to understand how progress is tracked.  There are three main types of resources where progress is visible:

Student Text

A chapter of the student text is complete when all pages have been viewed and all interactions have been successfully completed. The chapter is incomplete if the student started but did not fully complete the chapter. If the chapter was not attempted, it is considered not started


Assessments are graded on the first completed attempt at the assessment. Retaking assessments is not allowed. The score is based on the number of questions correct out of the total number of questions.

Supplemental Resources

Teachers and catechists can track progress on several other resources that can be sent out as assignments.  These include: Lectio Divina, Sacred Art, Small Wonders, and Gabriel's Quest.  A resource is completed if the student watches the entire video for the chapter.