What are enrichment pages?

They are found on the back side of each Family Faith page in the Student Text. The enrichment pages focus on a variety of topics:

  • Scripture: Students and families will be presented with events and narratives from Scripture that will contribute to their understanding of the chapter theme.
  • Prayer: Students and families will be provided with strategies and material to enrich their personal practice of prayer.
  • Virtue: Students and families will learn practical ways to recognize and grow in virtue in their everyday lives.
  • Character: Students and families will discover various examples of what it means to become a person of holy character through Christian discipleship and service.
  • History: Students and families will learn valuable lessons from the events and people within the rich history and Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Every enrichment page also includes a concluding question or statement for the students to reflect on using their journal pages. The journal pages are available on the teacher, parent, and student portals.