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Family Faith and Enrichment pages

Word of Life provides family discussion on the content of the faith, including simple discussion questions (and answers) to spark conversation at home about what the students learned in school (a chapter summary is also included); suggestions for life application in the family (including virtuous living); and family prayer and family activities to practice the Catholic faith at home. A list of vocabulary words for students to review is also included; digital flash cards can be found on the parent portal.

These perforated pages are found at the end of each chapter in the Student Text and should be taken home after completion of each chapter. They also are on the student-parent portal.

Enrichment Pages

These are found on the back side of each Family Faith page in the Student Text. The enrichment pages focus on a variety of topics:

  • Scripture: Students and families will be presented with events and narratives from Scripture that will contribute to their understanding of the chapter theme.
  • Prayer: Students and families will be provided with strategies and material to enrich their personal practice of prayer.
  • Virtue: Students and families will learn practical ways to recognize and grow in virtue in their everyday lives.
  • Character: Students and families will discover various examples of what it means to become a person of holy character through Christian discipleship and service.
  • History: Students and families will learn valuable lessons from the events and people within the rich history and Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Every enrichment page also includes a concluding question or statement for the students to reflect on using their journal pages. The journal pages are available on the Teacher and Student-Parent Portals.