What is offered in the Word of Life Catechist Short Course?

The Word of Life Catechist Short Course provides nine 20-minute sessions from Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained to cover the most important themes and topics that are core to the Word of Life curriculum:  

  • The Bible: God’s Love Letter to Humanity
  • The Journey of Faith: Trinity, Faith, and the God Who is Love
  • Divine Revelation: God Seeking Us and the Compass for Our Lives
  • The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fall, and Redemption
  • The Paschal Mystery: The Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
  • Why Do I Need the Church: The Mystery of the Catholic Church
  • The Sacraments: Baptism and Confirmation
  • The Eucharist: Source and Summit of Christian Life
  • A Catholic Moral Vision: Virtue, Grace, and the Path to Happiness