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Grades K to 3 have a variety of songs that can be used in class as part of the Preparation or Celebration step of the Ecclesial Method. There also are several songs that can be used for a variety of purposes in grades 4 and 5. In the music tab for each grade, there is a summary describing how the various songs can be correlated to the materials covered in that grade, as well as lyric sheets that can be printed for each song.

Music Correlation Pages:

Prayers to Know Videos

Word of Life offers 30+ prayers to know videos to help Catholic families learn the key prayers of our faith. They can be used in the classroom or assigned as homework for the children to pray with their families. 

Optional Activities

These activities are very closely tied to the lesson content. They provide a more extensive review or exploration of a concept presented in the lesson. When needed, black line master pdfs provide all that is necessary to facilitate the optional activities offered in the lessons.