Getting Started as an Administrator

Welcome to WORD OF LIFE!

This exciting new Catholic curriculum includes print, video, and digital resources to inspire your student and family to draw closer to Our Lord. To ensure a successful start to your Word of Life experience, we encourage you to begin with these simple steps.

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    Getting to know your Administrator Portal

    Setting up your school or parish

    Understand your Administrator Portal

    Your Administrator Portal will be your go-to place to find all of the resources you need to effectively run a religious education program. Here you will be able to review all course materials, track individual and classroom progress on the WOL digital elements, and effectively teach catechist and faith formation sessions for parents.

    You get access to your portal once you accept your invitation to join Word of Life.  To log in, you can click "Log In" from


    Set Up

    Access set up from your administrator portal, by clicking the Set Up Classrooms button.  You can also access set up directly from this link.

    Next steps for setting up your school or parish



    Student Progress

    Access reports from your administrator portal, by clicking the Track Progress button.  You can also access reports directly from this link.

    Progress reports allow you to see how the individual classes and students are progressing on completion of the various digital elements of Word of Life.

    Reports provide both class and individual student metrics for each key digital element.  Reports can be exported.


    Course Resources

    In your administrator portal, you have access to key digital elements that you will need to facilitate student, teacher, and family faith formation. 


    Student Text

    Both the print and digital Word of Life Student Texts make learning the faith effective, engaging, and fun with Bible stories, lives of the saints, and activities for a variety of learning styles.

    • The text consists of core lessons, as well as four liturgical season lessons.
    • The digital student text is identical to the print student text, except it has converted all of the lesson activities and chapter reviews into engaging interactions and games.



    Teacher Manual and Parish Catechist Manuals

    The Teacher and Parish Catechist Manuals provide everything that a teacher will need to effectively present the lesson material.

    • The manuals provide complete facilitation guidelines for each of the chapters, as well as the four liturgical season lessons.
    • Teachers can teach a class directly from the teacher or parish catechist manual because each lesson highlights the key learning points and provides discussions questions and answers. Teacher doodles can either be hand drawn using the instructions in the manuals or you can use the digital teacher doodles to visually illustrate key points in the lesson.


    Word of Life Basic Catechist Formation

    The Word of Life Catechist Short Course provides nine 20-minute sessions from Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained to cover the most important themes and topics that are core to the Word of Life curriculum. They can be used either as in-person catechist training or online at the catechist’s convenience.

    Set up your school or parish 


    From your administrator portal, click the Set Up Classrooms button to get started.


    Add Administrators

    Administrators have full access to set up your school or parish, track student progress, and leverage course materials.  


    After you have accepted your invitation to become an administrator, you can add others to help you set up your school or parish.  To invite others, click "Add Administrators".



    Add the administrator's name and email.  Then click "Add Administrators" to send an email invitation to them.  You can add as many administrators as you need.  They must accept the email invitation to get access.

    Great start!

    Next, create your classrooms. 


    Create Classrooms

    Classes are the heart of Word of Life! As an administrator you can set up multiple classes. 



    add class

    On your screen you will see two sections: 'Administrators' at the top and 'Classes' at the bottom.  
    Go down to the Classes table and click the blue "Add Classes" button.



    add class-detail

    A. Name your class, i.e., "Mr. Ramirez 2nd Grade"
    B. Choose a grade level from the grade-level dropdown menu.
    C. Click the "Add Class" button. 

    yellow-quick-tips-logo-icon-or-symbol-vector-24370102-1As you add a class, new lines will appear, so you can conveniently add multiple classes. 


    Success! Your class has been added.

    Next, you can add teachers to the class. 


    Invite Teachers

    In this section, you'll add teacher or catechists to your classes.



    class-drilldownFrom the administrators and class page click to enter into a class. 



    add-teach-1This takes you to the class page, where you can add teachers / catechists or parents. To add a teacher or catechist, click the "Add Teachers / Catechists" button. 


    Quick Tip

    If you ever need to go back, use the breadcrumbs (links) at the top left of every page. 

    add-teach-abcA. Enter teacher / catechist first and last name.
    Enter teacher / catechist email address.
    Click the "Add" button. 
    Teachers will receive an email invitation they must accept to have access to their classroom.

    Quick Tip

    As you add teacher / catechists, new lines will appear, so you can conveniently add multiple. 



    You can use the "Copy Invitation Link" button to create and copy a link that you can send to a new teacher / catechist directly. 


    Great! Your class has been added.

    Next, you (or your teachers) can invite parents to the class. 


    Send Invitations to Parents

    Word of Life is designed to support parents as the primary catechists of their children.  Every parent has full access to their student's course materials and progress.  


    Parents must set up their student's online account to comply with legal standards.



    Parents are added to from the classroom set up page by clicking "Add Parents".  Parents of multiple children will need to accept invitations from each classroom.



    You can use the "Copy Invitation Link" button to create and copy a link that you can send to all parents at once. 



    Quick Tip

    You can add parents by name to send email invitations to them individually. 

    These invitations are tracked.


    All set up! Your parents have been invited.